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Review Popular 32 LCD HDTV TV Models: Important Factors For Selecting A 32 Inch LCD HDTV Television



If you spend a lot of time watching television, movies or playing video games, you want a television with a good, crisp picture.  You want to be comfortable watching and using it, and you do not need to have a huge set, especially if your space is limited. A 32 LCD HDTV TV is a good choice if you are looking for something that is the right size and the right price.

Various manufacturers make 32” LCD HD televisions.  The type you purchase ultimately if based on your preference, but sometimes the prices for the brand names and the features that are offered do not always sync.  It is very possible to find a superb 32 LCD HDTV TV set from an off brand name that is cheaper and offers more in the way options than a higher priced brand name version.  Every consumer should do their homework about the televisions they are considering purchasing and if they need help, professionals at electronics store such as Circuit City and Best Buy are available to help. You can also consult a 32 LD HDTV review for information on features and functionality.

If you are interested in a new 32 LCD HDTV television, but you are on a fairly strict budget, Polaroid’s FLM-3201 32 LCD HDTV is a nicely priced television.  At $480.00, this set gives you the high-quality sharpness of HD, built-in tuners, 16:9 aspect ratio, and a viewing range of 170x170.  Some reviewers have mentioned that going from and HD to regular feed requires a change in the aspect ratio, but as time goes on, this problem should lessen with the addition of more high-definition channels.

JVC’s (V37832) 32 LCD HDTV television is a more expensive model from another electronics leader.  With Panorama, Cinema, Full and Regular aspect modes, this 16:9 standard aspect ratio television offers the consumer digital 5-point color management, five sound modes including one designed for games, PC input, and two component video inputs.  The television has a crystal clear picture quality and prices at around $1,400.00.

32” LCD HD televisions weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds and most of them can be mounted on the wall or set on a small stand.  Because they are not very thick, they can hug the wall and take up less room than the older televisions.  Always consider the lighting in the room you are setting your television in as LCD’s are brighter and more colorful in an ambient setting.

Make sure all of your equipment is compatible with your new television.  When you go shopping for one, take a list with you of the items you wish to hook up and note whether or not they have audio and video hookups, S-cable input, and any other type of connection.  While this may not seem to be a big issue, it will be when you get home and discover that your DVD player isn’t compatible or the cables you have are not the right ones.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a lesser known brand 32 LCD HDTV TV set if it offers the same options for a better price.  Compare the warranties offered by the company, and if you buy your television from a retailer, ask if they offer any additional warranties to protect your investment.  Most of all enjoy your new 32” LCD HD television.  You will find that watching it is a whole new experience.



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