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42 Inch LCD HDTV

Factors To Consider When Choosing A 42 Inch LCD HDTV

42 Inch LCD HDTV


With the advent of new high-definition (HD) technology, many people are finding themselves shopping for a new television.  While there are many styles to choose from liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs are becoming more and more popular.  Most people would prefer to look at a fairly good sized screen and the 42 Inch LCD HDTV seems to be the most popular and average choice.

42 Inch LCD HDTV televisions are commonly flat screens and use a technology that bypasses the old picture tube, giving the television a more streamlined look and taking up less space in your family room.  Many of them come with the ability to hang on your wall if you do not wish to have another piece of furniture to dust.  Something consumers need to keep in mind when purchasing one of these televisions is compatibility with their current equipment.  In order to enjoy the high-definition view of a 42” LCD HD television, cable and satellite boxes need to be HD compatible.  Also, you may want to check you DVD players to make sure they are current enough to hook into a LCD HD television set.

Deciding where to purchase your new 42 inch television is also something else consumers need to consider.  Retailers such as Circuit City offer expert salespeople who are up to date on the most current technology and can offer you their advice on the different brands and models to choose from.  If you are already well versed in this new technology, you may be inclined to purchase one online.  Of course, ‘buyer beware’ comes into play when purchasing online because many sites may not offer additional service warranties or guarantees if something goes wrong.

Educated buyers should research all the brand names available and know what type of options comes with each set.  Manufacturers such as Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba are well known names in the electronics field, but the price for their televisions may be higher than if you purchase one made by LG, HP or ViewSonic.  For example, Sharp’s 42 Inch LCD HDTV (LC-42D62U) is a flat screen HD television set comes with a built-in HD tuner and prices for around $1,200.00.  It offers the consumer 1080p technology, but reviewers have stated that sitting at a certain angle causes picture brightness and all warranties are null and void if it is not installed on a wall by a professional.  A comparable television to the Sharp is the Toshiba 42LX196 42 Inch LCD HDTV.  It offers all the same features as the Sharp and includes a CableCARD slot for approximately $400.00 less.  Some of the televisions also come with built-in stands, additional speakers, and the ability to plug your personal computer to it.

Personal preference really comes into play when purchasing a new television set.  As long as the consumer is willing to comparison shop, they will make the right choice and invest in a 42” LCD HD television that will please them when watching it.  Consumers need to remember to check each of the options available no matter where they purchase it from, and always make sure they check any restrictions that may be attached to the warranties.


42 Inch LCD HDTV

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