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The LG 37 LCD HDTV Range: LG 37 LCD HDTV 37LB5D Review



The LG 37 LCD HDTV, model number 37LB5D, is one of the latest additions to the LG line of televisions and electronics. This LG 37 LCD HDTV 37LB5D boasts a sixteen to nine widescreen ratio with QAM Cable, over the air NTSC analog and ATSC digital tuners. If you are looking for a high definition television that offers you more the LG 37 LCD HDTV 37LB5D is the one you have been looking for.

With an LCD 1920 by 1080 pixel widescreen, two video input components, and three HDMI input components, as well as input outlets for your personal computer this 37 inch television is the top of the line.

Why should you be looking for a new television or a high definition television right now? Simply because in a few short months the rules of television viewing are changing. Very soon, in order to watch any sort of television, you will need a digital television. There will be converters for analog televisions, but at this point, they are not available. Overall, even with a converter, you will find that the picture quality on a television set with analog capabilities is just poor and inadequate.

How can you choose the right HDTV?

Getting the right HDTV for your home and needs is crucial to your overall enjoyment of the system. The first thing you want to do is take some measurements. The measurements you want is the place where you are planning on putting your new television. By doing this, you can choose the right HDTV for the space you have within your home. This will make sure that you can get a big enough one for your needs, but small enough for the space.

Your next decision will be the ratio aspect. A 16:9 ratio, like the one offer with the LG 37 LCD HDTV 37LB5D, is a rectangular type of screen. Do you need extras? Extras might include compensation for your DVD's and computer usage. Your extra needs should also include compatible and efficient output areas. You want to make sure that your LG 37 Inch LCD HDTV  has enough output areas for your DVD player, VCR, or even your computer. You also want to make sure that they are strategically placed to ensure that you can access them easily.

You also want to look at price. It is important that the LG 37 LCD HDTV 37LB5D fit within your budget and that you can readily afford it. After considering these aspects, you know exactly what to look for in your new LG 37 LCD HDTV 37LB5D.



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