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Samsung 46 HDTV

The Samsung 46 HDTV Range: A Review Of Samsung 46 Inch LCD Models

Samsung 46 HDTV


The day you decide to go out and purchase a Samsung 46 HDTV, know that you have made the right choice. There is a world of benefits when considering this product. You will have it all: an amazing picture, digital audio, digital superiority, progressive scanning and no more of those annoying images burned into the screen. The viewer will be provided with all this when owning a Samsung 46 LCD HDTV, and of course you will also have a wider-viewing area.

Think of the improved picture quality. The usual box television can only display a resolution of around 210,000 pixels. This might sound much, but seeing what this provides you on your old box; you wish you had better. The Samsung 46 HDTV goes all the way up. Imagine a resolution of 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. Now in per image that is over 2 million pixels, which is around 10 percent you would get from watching the old box television.

The sound is ten times better compared to the usual TV. The Samsung 46 HDTV comes with Dolby Digital sound, and this will make watching those DVD movies an experience of a lifetime. It is normal for DVDs to transmit about 2 to 6 channels of clear audio, but this depends on the program used. The audio and soundtracks on DVD movies run through 6 speakers, and what Dolby Digital does, it turns you living room into a cinema giving you your money’s worth.

Samsung 46 LCD HDTV Review:

There are just so many models you can consider when choosing the right Samsung 46 Inch LCD HDTV for you entertainment room and for your family. With the Samsung LN S4695D 46-inch HDTV, think about the 12.8-billion colors, and for the kids, think about the game mode, which has a 8ms respond time. This will definitely give those gamers a ride for their life, turning their playing experience into movies. The audio is extremely impressive and deserves a hats-off. Hidden speakers under the television provide you will TruSurround sound quality. 

Maybe the Samsung LN T4665F television will take the place of your old box. This is where you will be provided with the best and the brightest LCD visuals. Not other brand will be able to offer you better that this Samsung 46 HDTV. All your digital devices can be plugged into the television and enjoyed. Another feature and one that has received praises from many has to be the HMDI-CEC, and here you are able to control anything that is CEC-enabled, and this can be done using only one remote. For such a great television, it has to weigh quite a bit. Not exactly! Think of 56.21 pounds.

Where else will you be able to pick up a television that will offer you 12.8-billion colors and a picture quality so clear that is rival the real thing. The Samsung LN S46969D 46-inch LCD television offers you this and much, much more. Think of the virtual surround sound and the audio leveler, the 6,000:1 contrast ratio and a viewing angle of 178. Samsung 46 HDTV has this and much more when it comes to the best in HDTVs.


Samsung 46 HDTV

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