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Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV

The Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV: The Top Of Its Class!

Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV


The Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV is one of Sharp’s newest and most in demand television sets.  It is incredibly popular for a number of reasons, the leading of which is that Sharp is one of the world’s best producers of LCD televisions.  The Sharp Company long ago decided that it was going to make the LCD television set the common choice for television viewing and so far it looks as if they are getting their way.  Flat screen televisions, LCD screens and plasmas are being sold by the truckload. 

The Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV is very popular because it has the highest resolution of any of the LCD television sets in Sharp’s line.  It is the highest ranked LCD television in its “class” and it is also one of the most expensive products on the market.  Currently the Sharp Aquos 37 LCD TV is retailing for almost sixty five hundred dollars…a price that is not to be taken lightly. 

Of course, most people feel that the Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV is worth that high price.  Its resolution is 1,366 by 768 which gives it ten percent more columns than other LCD television sets.  The difference isn’t large, but it is enough to be eye catching.  The television set also comes with a separate control box which is where all of the cables get hooked up.  This takes away all of the back end bulk of the television set, making it easier to install. 

The Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV also has an Aquos Advantage Program for owners to join.  Membership in this program includes access to a toll free number in case there are any problems with the television.  The membership also provides access to a personal website for the owner’s specific television.  This website has the online version of the Aquos’ manuals and will let you know when there are upgrades available.  Other advantages to being a member of this program are faster service scheduling, a faster turnaround time for in-home service calls and if your television can’t be fixed on the first try, then you get a 32 inch loaner television set until your Sharp 37 Inch Aquos LCD HDTV is completely fixed. 

The only criticisms that PC Magazine could find with the Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV were that colors were not quite perfect—the yellow was too light, the red was too dark and that switching between the different HD modes took a little bit longer than expected.  They do say, though, that Sharp has a head start on the rest of the market with the Sharp 37 Sharp Aquos.

If you have wanted to get an HDTV you might want to take a look at the Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV.  After all, HDTV is getting more and more popular every day and it will not be very long before that is the only kind of signal that is broadcast.  Having a Sharp 37 Aquos LCD is a step in the right direction.


Sharp 37 Aquos LCD HDTV

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