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Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV

A Review Of The Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV Range

Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV


How about a television that just offers you more? The Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV does just that. Not only do you get great quality and high definition television, but the Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV also comes with an exclusive membership to Aquos Advantage. But, first let's talk about the television before we get into the benefits of Aquos Advantage.

The Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV comes with a great list of high quality features. You get excellent color quality, along with a superb and crisp of black. This flat panel television is perfect for the person looking for a large screen television. So what features can you expect from the Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV?

           Larger Viewing Area – 46 inches of pure and incredible picture

           Amazing Screen – This HDTV boats 1920 by 1080 pixels of pure power

           Included Tuner  -  1080 pixels HDTV

           Excellent Contrast Ratio – 2,000:1

           Superb Angles – 176 degrees

           Long Lasting – With a lamp life of 60,000 hours

           Two HDMI Inputs

           Sound – Virtual Dolby included with 30 Watt Speakers

If you are looking for high quality images, vivid colors, and bright television, the Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV is the television for you.

Now onto the added bonus of the Aquos Advantage program. Just by purchasing a qualifying television, such as the Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV, you will get a free, exclusive membership to the Aquos Advantage program. What type of benefits can you look forward to?

1.         Advantage Advisors – Need help with any area of your Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV or other models? Just call on your Advantage Advisors free. They can help you set u your new television or take advantage of and maximize your sound and picture quality.

2.         Your Own My Aquos Page – You get a password protected and personal homepage directly from Aquos Advantage. This will give you personalized information regarding your specific television and all the benefits of the program that you can take advantage of.

3.         Be A Priority – Just by being a member of Aquos Advantage you get top priority in all services. For example, if you need to schedule service you get priority for the next business day. Your turnaround time for service related visits will be expedited. If something happens that your television is not able to be repaired on site, they will offer you a free loaner.

4.         There On Your Time – Your customer service specialists will be around when its most convenient for you thanks to extended hours for customer service.

5.         First dibs – You get first dibs on exclusive offers only given to those that are members of the Aquos Advantage program.

6.         Extended Warranty – Not only do you get the limited warranty that comes with your television, but also by being a part of the Aquos Advantage Program, you will get a three month extension on that warranty.

It just makes sense to make the Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV your next television.


Sharp 46 Aquos LCD HDTV

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