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Sony 46 LCD HDTV

The Sony 46 LCD HDTV Range: Review Sony Bravia 46 LCD HDTV Models

Sony 46 LCD HDTV


Sony has become a household name and it is synonymous with high-quality electronics.  From the appearance of the Walkman on the scene over twenty years ago, they have become an industry leader in electronics.  Whether it is a home surround system, car stereo, or television set, if the name Sony is on it, you can sure you’ve purchased a quality product. A Sony 46” LCD HDTV is no exception.

LCD televisions have a come a long way and with the new high-definition boom happening, Sony has introduced a line of new televisions that are affordable, has brilliant pictures and sound, and takes up less space in your home than some of the old picture tube televisions.  Many of these new TVs are light-weight, and easy to move, and can even be installed on the wall.  Ranging from 26” to 70”, Sony’s line of televisions are some of the most popular around.

The many Sony 46” LCD HDTV’s that have hit the market are the mid-priced and mid-sized televisions consumers are interested in.  As long as the consumer’s equipment is compatible, they can expect exceptional picture quality from this type of television that may actually allow them to pick out individual blade of grass on a football field or golf course.  Picture clarity on the televisions can be either 720p or 1080i.  1080i is the newer and clearer version, allowing the television to display two million pixels.  While this clarity is brilliant, it may not be as necessary on the 46” set as on a 70”.  They come in a 16:9 aspect ratio that allows you to expand or decrease the picture as you see fit.

The Sony Bravia 46 LCD HDTV line of television sets is one of Sony’s most popular models.  The Sony KDL-46XBR3 offers the consumer an ATSC tuner, 1920x1080 resolution, their signature full digital video processor, true surround sound, and PC connectivity for around $2,900.00.  One of the biggest complaints about this particular model is that regular television stations are not as clear and as crisp as the HD stations.

The Sony KDL-46XBR4 TV/DVD Combo comes with, you guessed it, a built-in DVD player.  It also offers consumers v-chip control, a sleek design, and PC connectivity.  The television displays in millions of colors and wall mountability.  Some consumers do not like the PIP capability, but many people do not use this feature at all.  This 46” television prices at around $2,750.00.

No matter what style television you choose, a Sony 46” LCD HD television set will offer you a clear picture.  If you have problems with the picture, check you receiver.  Even standard viewing channels should come through clearly on an HD television set.  Many problems people have with the clarity have to do with the type of box they are receiving their channels on.  If the box is not HD compatible, then you will get a less than adequate picture.

One thing each consumer should remember when they first set up their new television is to adjust the factory settings to a more comfortable level.  Many of them, such as brightness, are set at the highest level possible and this may not be optimal for all of your television viewing.


Sony 46 LCD HDTV

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