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Review The Options For The Sony LCD HDTV TV Range



Buying a new television in this day and age can be a daunting task.  Gone is the standard television with a picture tube, a fixture in most homes since the 1950s.  In its place we now have the high-definition television set in plasma, LCD, and projection.  Choosing one is enough to drive a sane person mad, and even though it will finally come down to your personal preference, a little guidance is always appreciated. A Sony LCD HDTV TV is a great choice as you will soon discover.

One thing every consumer must take into account when they go looking for a new television set is where they are going to put it, and how large of a set to purchase.  Bigger televisions are well into the price range of most consumers and considerations such as room size, lighting, and viewing angles should be taken into account before making a purchase.  Also keep in mind that if you are buying a Sony LCD HDTV TV set your cable or satellite box should be HD compatible.  Call your local cable or satellite company to find out.

Sony has been a leader in electronics for well over twenty years and they are one of the producers of the high definition television sets you can find at your local electronics store.  They are a leader in liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, and offer flat screen televisions in just about every price range available.  They offer televisions ranging in size from 26” to 70” and in 720p to 1080i.  Almost all of the Sony LCD HDTV TV’s are high-definition flat screens with a 16:9 aspect ratio that will allow you to expand or decrease the screen at your preference.  Once you have determined the size of the Sony flat panel HDTV you want, it’s time to see what Sony has to offer.

The Bravia line of Sony flat screen HDTV models is one of Sony’s most popular models.  Each television gives you a vibrant picture and sleek style to go with every décor.  These televisions automatically adjust to the lighting conditions in your room and are available in both NTSC and HDTV tuners.  They can be used with you personal computer, offer picture freeze, parental control, and a table stand for placement within the room.  Speakers are built into the television and it is ready for your home surround sound system.  Prices for the Bravia line start at $699.00 for a 26” television and go higher. A great way to sort through the options and narrow down you choice is to use a Sony HDTV review. These reviews are ideal for learning more about the features and functionality.

Depending on how much you wish to invest into your new Sony LCD HDTV TV will determine exactly what other features you may get.  Some of them come with additional speakers mounted to the sides of the television.  Others come ready to mount on the wall.  If you are trying to decide the difference between the resolution of 720p and 1080i, remember that 720p is about one million pixels on the screen, and 1080i is two million.  You are going to get a sharper, more brilliant high-definition picture from a 1080i screen, but not every HD channel will broadcast in 1080i.  If you cannot visually notice the difference when shopping for your television, then your decision should come down to the options the television has that you like and the budget that you have to spend.




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